Hannah (back again!) from England wrote on October 22, 2023

Still the best Jeff website, back again and signing the guest book a second time! <3

MojoPin.org says: Thank you for the kind words Hannah.

Hannah from England wrote on April 14, 2023

I am incredibly sensitive and romantic for a teen. After experiencing the most rough break-up so far in my short life, Jeff Buckley is partly in reason for my pain. I mean, DAMN, that man made some beautiful, beautiful music. Hearing 'Lover, you should've come over' for the first time was a real experience, I just wish I could've gotten to see Jeff perform live. <3

MojoPin.org says: I've always wished I could have seen him at Sin-e Hannah. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts about Jeff with us.

Johnna Krilanovich from California wrote on January 5, 2023

I was first introduced to Jeff by my older brother when I was a kid. And his music has encompassed me with utmost solace and peace ever since.

There’s something about his music that is so timeless, and yet, the time that has passed reveals itself within the complexity and versatility of Jeff’s story telling/musicianship. There is nobody else like him.

This is the type of genius that can never be replaced, reciprocated, or reproduced. We miss you every single day, Jeff. And we love you immensely. Thank you for the gifts you left behind; your vulnerability has helped many navigate the human experience.

MojoPin.org says: Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts about Jeff Johnna. The gifts he has left us are indeed timeless.

Justus Lassila from Porvoo, Finland wrote on December 12, 2022

I first heard Grace about half a year ago after hearing hallelujah and wanting to learn more about Jeff's other music. Back then I didn't think much more of it than "That was a great album." It wasn't until October that I revisited Grace and absolutely fell in love and now I'm in the process of listening to everything he's put out. Jeff's music has inspired me to really start singing with emotion. I used to be afraid of being vocally vulnerable, but now I just sing my heart out! Lover, You Should've Come Over is such a lovely song to cover and making tiny little tweaks to lyrics or structure keeps it eternally fresh. This site has been a great resource for learning more about him and his music. <3

MojoPin.org says: Thank you for your comment Justus. Enjoy the journey. There's much to discover for many years to come.

Mariah from Houston,Tx wrote on July 9, 2022

I been loving Jeff Buckley so much lately. The first time I heard of Jeff was from my older sister, she was sad explaining Jeff death to me and I was so interested. Tho before it didn’t really make me sad about his death. Now I just feel really sad. I miss Jeff, he was truly so talented and inspired me to get back into what I love. I am currently learning so real on guitar. I almost have it down. Lately I also been loving sketches for my sweetheart the drunk. Such a beautiful album, I been trying to find it on cd or vinyl at my local record stores but no luck. Anyways I will come by soon thank you for listening <3

MojoPin.org says: Thank you for your comment Mariah, and good luck on the vinyl hunt.

Noel from Johnson City, TN wrote on March 22, 2022

I remember many years ago at 15-years-old listening to Jeff Buckley's rendition of "Hallelujah" on repeat late into the night, trying my best to see if I could sustain that last soaring and sinking note along with him. I remember reading about his untimely death in the Mississippi river where I lived.

It wouldn't be until the last few years in my late 20s that I returned to him again to listen to more of his music and become interested in the story of the person behind it beyond just his tragic death. I try not to spend too much time chasing ghosts, for it is too sad, but now and again I always return to Jeff's music and think about what could have been, and ache for his loved ones who lost more than just his music that night.

Sending love and hope out to each and every one of you.

MojoPin.org says: Thank you for your comment Noel.

Siqi from Singapore wrote on October 3, 2021

I discovered Jeff's music a few years back with Last Goodbye...Only recently have i been listened to the Grace album over and over...I regretted i had not found him sooner! i play the acoustic but yesterday I bought my first ever electric guitar...it's an absolute bitter-sweet journey of the year. I hope the excitement sustains. Jeff, you are missed..

MojoPin.org says: Don't regret.. rejoice!

Abby Rose from Greenville, SC (for now) wrote on June 21, 2021

Dear Jeff B.,
You were gone before I could inhale my first breath. But still, your powerful spirit propels me into passion. It has brought overwhelming joy & sorrow to my soul. I am glad I was introduced to you @17; you have enriched my art (though the work has been few & far in between). With that you've reached a nasty part buried deep in my being. It felt your blues & cried with you. I hope you are okay with my lover & I stopping by in Memphis to hello and maybe a goodbye. He's the one who shared me your blood & your gifts. We leave for this week. With all respect, graciously, Abby Rose L. waiting in the fire.

MojoPin.org says: Thank you Abby. The blues is a healing source.

Dermot Trellis from Omaha wrote on June 15, 2021

Thank you for this treasure. I repeatedly come back to it to refresh my memory/see what's new. I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff solo, as well as with his band a few times. His talent was apparent from the first, but he was always kind and would take more time to talk with myself and friends than he needed to. He will be forever missed.

MojoPin.org says: You're welcome!

Tanya wrote on April 8, 2021

I love Jeff Buckley.

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